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El director Sydney Pollack realizo su primer documental de larga duración sobre el arquitecto Frank Gehry, este proyecto se inicio a partir del 2000 para presentarse el 12 de mayo de 2006, en la ciudad de Nueva York. El documental se basa en los bocetos realizados por Gehry como inicio de un proceso arquitectónico gráfico de diseño, hasta convertirse en un objeto tridimensional tangible.
Nota de prensa

“I prefer the sketch quality, the tentativeness, the messiness, the appearance of in-progress rather than the assumption of total resolution and finality…”
Frank Gehry 2006


Blogger bruno.goncalves said...

Oi. Passei para dar os parabéns ao seu blog. Tem temas muito interessantes. Quando poder passa lá no meu.

11:09 a. m., mayo 11, 2006  
Blogger SANDRA SANDOVAL said...

hola paty

pasé a saludar...
gracias por tus visitas a mi blog
regresa pronto


2:51 a. m., mayo 12, 2006  
Blogger påt®iciå said...

Parabén pra você. Vá em Link seu blog.
Visitar-me outra vez. Adeus,

1:54 p. m., mayo 12, 2006  
Blogger påt®iciå said...

Hola Sandra.. Siempre es bueno ver tus obras.
Ahora solo ando visitando Blogs porque me quede sin ideas para los proximos posts, aunque siempre hay temas para compartir... espero que me vuelvan a dar ganas.

Un abrazo,

1:57 p. m., mayo 12, 2006  
Blogger Correspondiente Boliviano said...

Hey. Thanks for your entry on my blog. Yeah, I´m having fun in Cochabamba, and sometimes I´m having a shit time too! I manage. I´ve seen your blog before, I enjoy the content, but I´m often too tired and in my "I´m talking to my Australian friends" zone to try to interpret (poorly) the Spanish.

I don´t believe I did complain. I believe I comically emphasised the situation I was in, while fairly explicitly pointing out that even though I was uncomfortable, I was enjoying the experience. And anyhow, why not complain when I want? This is my blog. (I´m going to complain about the giant anaconda at the Quillocollo markets with the sock over it´s head stuck in a box until showtime soon, look out!) However I´m open to suggestion, and love an argument!

Oh, and Globos, because that was the landmark I was advised to get off at (and I understand the sickness of that as much as anyone).

Your friendly neighbourhood Correspondiente Boliviano.

p.s. Are you saying you like the look of the bus station in La Paz? I don´t like Eiffel´s work per se. Although I like industrial design generally.

2:39 p. m., mayo 13, 2006  
Blogger påt®iciå said...

Hi friendly neighbourhood Correspondiente Boliviano

Ok... You are right, you can complain as much as you want, blogs allow us to share experience, thoughts or whatever is in our mind.

An anaconda in Quillacollo? Well it’s hard to believe, but I can imagine. Same market can be a “bizarre” experience; it’s a shame that we don’t have policies to enforce the laws to protect animals, that’s why you can see wild animals or animal in extinction being sold. :(
However.. A que te dedicas en Cochabamba?

p.s. I don’t like the Bus Station in La Paz, but I do like Eiffel’s work. Wait for more Eiffel here…

5:20 p. m., mayo 14, 2006  
Blogger Correspondiente Boliviano said...

Hey there,

Thanks for taking back your request for me to quit my whinging...

I´m in Cbba to learn as much about a local community in a South American country as I possibly can in one year in order to take the experience back to Australia and increase my effectiveness as a social/community development worker/political activist in Melbourne, Australia.

Getting kicked out of the net place. See ya!

Friendly N.B.C.

p.s. Anaconda was definitely there. And alive and suffering (if my inner knowledge checks out)...

10:05 p. m., mayo 17, 2006  

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